YASAI designed and manufactured a fully automated growing system for your home.

We call it "BEYOND EARTH". You want to grow plants indoor for your culinary experience but you don't have time, outdoor space or a black thumb? No problem. With BEYOND EARTH the plants grow without you. You are just responsible for planting a new crop and harvesting it once they are ready to eat. A digital application helps you to control your plants even when you are somewhere else. We notify you, once your plant is ready to eat!

Yasai Curtain

Tell us which plants you want to grow & how much space you have. You can plant herbs, salads, strawberries and even medicinal plants with BEYOND EARTH. Our vertical farming systems are applicable for any kind of space. Whether in front of a window, a blank wall or a moon habitat. Yasai helps you to grow plants where you live, work & relax!

Each BEYOND EARTH vertical farm system is made with 3D-printers, laser-cutters and by hand in Zurich, Switzerland. Support local companies and grow local with us.

190710_Yasai Curtain.jpg


a vertical farm curtain, where you can plant and grow herbs on a wall, in front of a window in your home, in an office or a restaurant


a vertical farm system, that was designed for a moon habitat project called LUNARK by Saga Space Architects