NASA were the pioneers in Vertical Farming.

By testing cyclic methods within moon habitats,

we can learn how to grow more with less even in space!

"Let's look at Earth like a giant space ship, which we all share and take care of during our time moving through space."


Two architects from Copenhagen set the ambitious goal to design and build a moon habitat, which they will test themselves in 2020. They will live fully remote for three months in the arctic in greenland, where conditions are similar to the moon. Yasai has the honor to contribute to their life support system and integrate a Vertical Farm. Since astronauts lack fresh food in space and the contact with plants, we want to test the psychological effects and physical well-being that plants have on us, humans. Thank you Saga Space Architects to give us this unique opportunity. 

Find out more about the project here!

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Each year the Swiss Space Center brings students, post-docs, start-up and experts together to build together a moon habitat. This platform is called IGLUNA and offers space for various experiments regarding space technologies. Yasai is lucky to sponsor a Vertical Farming system for one of these projects called: MELISSA IGLUNA. In this particular project we will test a circular system and reuse the nutrients within human urine for plant growth. We aim to bring this technology to our smart homes and cities of tomorrow. Find out more about this project here!